Maneuvers And Weapons LLC

"tactics and firearms training of the highest caliber"

"If you knew you were going to be in the fight of your life tomorrow would you train harder today?"

                                 MAWs' MISSION 

Train our clients to defeat the worst of what the worst can throw at them. By accomplishing this, the world will be a safer place. This will allow all of us to enjoy the freedoms that our founding fathers granted us through the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America which is protected by the 2nd Amendment!

Mark A. Wammack began his professional instructor career in 1981 as a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for the Dallas Police Department. He started Maneuvers And Weapons LLC in 1994. For over 30 years, Mark has taught thousands of women and men how to win real world deadly force encounters. He and his wife Linda, who is also a firearms instructor and a paralegal, live in Ellis County, Texas. They train students in small private classes to not only survive an encounter physically but to survive fiscally too! 
Being a police officer, a competition shooter, successful hunter and a firearms instructor has prepared Mark to prepare you for the worst! Mark & Linda's goal is to have you "win the fight and do it right"! If you accomplish that goal, YOU will survive without serious bodily injury, no criminal charges and with as little liability as possible!

We offer firearms training for anything you can imagine! 

Mark, Linda along with their associates can start you off as a beginner or tune you up for your next combat mission! Just let us know what you need!  

Remember, MAWs will only train good guys!  

Unless you are a police officer or active military with current ID, you will need a valid Texas State License To Carry (LTC) to receive their training above a basic level! When you obtain your LTC, you have been checked by the DPS & the FBI. The Texas DPS will not issue you a LTC without those background & fingerprint checks. Once you receive your LTC, MAWs will train you safely and incrementally to any level you want. They offer basic, intermediate, tactical and advanced classes for handgun, shotgun and rifle. Mark is also a consultant for firearms ranges, Active Shooter / Rapid Response, Personal Security and Archery.  Check out our programs and classes link on the left side of this page. Remember, we will also do Custom Classes.  If you don't see what you need, just let us know and we will make it happen!

"tactics and firearms training of the highest caliber"

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To go to OUR calendar please click HERE. We only offer private classes so you will not find a "general public" class posted.  You can use our calendar to find dates that you would like to request for 1-3 person private class.  We look forward to making You better & safer!