Maneuvers And Weapons LLC

Tactics and Weapons Training of the Highest Caliber

"If you knew you were going to be in the fight of your life tomorrow would you train harder today?"

Mark A. Wammack started Maneuvers And Weapons in 1994 as an off duty firearms training business after a very successful competitive shooting career. By then he had already been a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for over 13 years and a Dallas Police Officer for 23 years. Because of his success as a competitive shooter and a L/E firearms trainer, he realized he could make a difference by preparing honest citizens for the worst of situations. Since 1994 Mark has literally trained thousands of men and women in law enforcement, the military as well as every-day citizen’s how to protect themselves in our chaotic and sometimes frightening world. His experience and credentials makes him the logical choice for anyone who wants to survive an attack or protect their family! 

Mark will ONLY train good guys in a small private class setting.  A private class will allow us to focus on YOUR needs!  Small classes are safer than General classes.  We limit the number so we can control every aspect of your class. We will only teach one, two or three person classes. One on one is optimal.  You will get all of our attention and come out the best you can be because only your needs will be the focus of your class.  You will NOT have to suffer  stupid questions that  will waste your valuable time.  Check out our programs and classes link on the left side of this page and let us know what you need!   Mark and his associates are qualified to teach anything!