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Mark Wammack - Firearms Instructor Data

 May 1972
Joined Dallas Police Department
 May 1972 -
 Aug 1981
Assigned to Patrol: Beat Officer, patrol FTO &  High Speed Felony Deployment stakeout unit
 Sep 1972 -  Present
TCOLE: Basic, Int., Adv, Master & LE Instructor  Certificates      
 May 1973
Associate in Science Degree Mountain View  College
 Aug 1981
Assigned to DPD Pistol Range as  Firearms Instructor/Asst. Armorer
 Aug 1981 -  Present
Certified: .50 Barrett, Beretta, Colt, Rock River,  Glock, Ruger, Remington, Sig Sauer, S&W Pistol,  Revolver, Shotgun and Rifle Armorer
 Dec 1982
Certified TCOLE LE Class Instructor
 June 1983 - 
 Nov 1983
Certified FBI, DPS & NRA LE Firearms Instructor
 Dec 1983
Assistant Ammo Technician - DPD, FTC
 Jan 1984
Won Position on Dallas PD Pistol
 Feb 1984 -
Co-Captain of Dallas PD Team
 Sep 1985 Two-man Team National Police Champions -  Master Class
 June 1986 - 
4 Texas Governor's Top 20 Police Combat  Awards
 Mar 1988 
Head Armorer - Dallas PD Firearms Training  Center
 Aug 1988
Certified by Ray Chapman as Semi-Auto Pistol  Instructor
 March 1989
Recipient:  Col. Jeff Cooper Gunsite  Rangemaster Scholarship Award
 March 1989
Gunsite 250 Expert Certificate - Colt  Gov.  Model 1911 ,45
 July 1989
NRA Police Combat Member 1480 Club  (1489X96)
 Aug 1989
NRA Ranged as a High Master Shooter
 Sep 1989
Ranked in the Top 10 Combat Shotgun Shooters  in Nation: National Police Championships at  Jackson,MS 
 Jan 1990
Certified Texas State Private Security Instructor
 Jan 1990
Certified by Beretta, Glock & Sigarms LE Pistol  Instructor
 April 1990
Expert Certificate Gunsite 499 Special Pistol Sig  226 9mm
 Sep 1990
Four-man Team National Police  Champions -  Master Class
 Nov 1991
Expert Certificate Gunsite Remington 870  Shotgun
 Jan 1992
Training Coordinator, Dallas PD Firearms  Training Center
 April 1993 
Certified LE Firearms Instructor 3 guns:  Pistol,  Revolver & Shotgun - Peregrine Corp. Manny  Kaplesohn
 May 1994
Founder of Maneuvers and Weapons LLC
 May 1994 -  Present
(6) First Place LE Glock Team Championships
 June 1994
Thunder Ranch Team Tactics Course - Clint  Smith
 Sep 1994
Dallas PD SWAT Tactical Carbine Course (Styer  Aug 5.56)
 July 1995 -  Present
Certified State of Texas DPS CHL Instructor
 April 1996
Re-Cert Peregrine - Pistol, Rev & Shotgun LE  Instructor
 Feb 1997 Special Weapons Response Team Coordinator  for DPD
 Sep 1997
Certified H&K MP5 & Colt Sub-Machine Gun LE  Instructor - Phil Singleton
 Nov 1997
Certified Simmunitions Instructor
 Dec 1998 
Certified TCOLE Law Enforcement Firearms  Instructor
  Feb 1999
Certified Live-Fire Shoot House Instructor  Singleton Int.
 May 1999
Certified Bill Rodgers Pistol Firearm Instructor
 Sep 2001
Surgical Speed Pistol & AR-15 Carbine Course  Giles Stock
 April 2002
NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor School - Colt AR-15  A2 5.56
 May 2002 
Jet Ranger Arial Platform & Urban Sniper  with  .223  Armalite Sniper Rifle, 50 Cal Barrett Bolt  Action & Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles - Certified by  USMC MSGT Retired Neal "Monster" Morris
 April 2004  
Thunder Ranch Urban Sniper - Remington .308  & Colt AR-15 A2 .5.56
 Dec 2004
DPD Tactical Patrol Rifle Operator's Course -  Rock River AR-15 A3 5.56
 Dec 2004 -
Patrol Rifle Response Team Coordinator for DPD
 Jan 2005
Action Target's Modern-Day Firearms Instructor
 Feb 2005
Live-Fire Shoot House/Dynamic Entry Instructor  - Phil Singleton
 Jan 2006
DPD SWAT Barricaded Person - Perimeter  Containment 
 June 2006
Tactical Rifle Instructor - Triple Canopy - Paul  Howe
 July 2006
Dynamics of the Servant Leader - Strike  International - Jack Perritt
 March 2008
Advanced Carbine - Rock River AR-15 M4 5.56  Trident Concepts - Jeff Gonzales
 Feb 2010
Ultimate Munitions Training Instructor  Certification - UMT
 Aug 2010
Dallas Police SWAT Rapid Rescue Deployment  School
 Feb 2011
TTPOA Low Light CQCR Instructor
 Jan 2012 -
 March 2017   

Retired Dallas PD Joined the Dallas Police Reserve Battalion - Firearms Instructor Honorably Retired 2017
 Aug 2017
DPS Certified LTC Instructor
  Aug 2017           NRA Certified Civilian Firearms Instructor