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"If you knew you were going to be in the fight of your life tomorrow would you train harder today?"


    No matter what your skill level is, we have handgun courses for both semi-automatics and revolver shooters that will challenge you.  And remember - we can tailor certain classes to your specific needs in a private setting!  Most ranges will NOT allow you to draw from a holster much less with it concealed unless you are with a certified and trusted instructor.  That is not a problem when you are being trained by Mark!  You must have a valid LTC or current Law Enforcement/Military credentials to take any class above the Basic level.  We will NOT train bad guys!


BASIC Handgun Course

   Just as the name implies this is a very basic handgun class that teaches you how to safely & confidently load, sight, manipulate the trigger and hit a target center mass at reasonable distances.  If you already know how to do all of that, check out our intermediate class.  All classes are held Monday - Friday due to range availability.  We can also conduct a weapons cleaning class.  We can teach you how to properly clean and maintain your weapon to ensure that your handgun will fire when you need it.  Weapons cleaning will add an hour to the class.  



Length of class:  4 - 5 hours

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    This is the perfect follow up to the License To Carry Class.  Gives you what you did not receive in the State LTC class and helps to continue developing marksmanship skills.  This class is the foundation for our tactical class.  We will cover how to carry openly & concealed, drawing, holstering, how to quickly shoot and hit without injuring yourself or another innocent person.  We also cover, scanning, emergency reloads and weapon malfunction drills.  You will need an approved handgun, belt and holster or purse, 2 mags & pouches or 3 speed loaders & holders, 150 rounds of factory  ammo and a minimum of 3 dummy rounds.  


Length of class:  4 hours

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   MAW LAW #13! Law Enforcement, some civilians rely on a 2nd concealed handgun handgun.  The quickest reload is another handgun!  We will cover handgun selection and concealment holsters that do not interfere with your primary weapon.

Length of class: 4 hours

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TACTICAL Handgun Course

   This class heads you off to combat by teaching you how to engage multiple threats, shooting and movement, low-light techniques, tactical shooting solutions, shot placement and tactical loads.  We will go into depth about situational awareness and surviving a gunfight.  You will need the equipment from the INTERMEDIATE Handgun Course plus a small recommended tactical flashlight. You must have successfully completed the INTERMEDIATE Handgun Course or it's equivalent before taking this class.


Length of class:  4 hours

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ADVANCED Handgun Course

   This class can be tailored to your individual needs depending on the size of the class and specific skills desired to be taught.  This class is only for those with proven handgun skills that want to take it to the next level.  One-handed techniques such as drawing, loading, stoppage drills from your regular carry side with your dominant and off hand will be included.  We will also teach you ground fighting with your handgun and focus on advanced problem solving shooting skills.  Longer distances and positional shooting are also taught.  You must have successfully completed the TACTICAL Handgun Course or have a recent certificate from an approved school.  The same equipment will be utilized that you needed in the TACTICAL class.


Length of class:  4-8 hours but can tailor class to your specific needs

Price:  Please contact us for current pricing and ammo requirements.