Maneuvers And Weapons LLC

Tactics and Weapons Training of the Highest Caliber

"If you knew you were going to be in the fight of your life tomorrow would you train harder today?"


MOUSE GUN 101 - Here it is!  This one if for all of you out there that want to carry the tiny, tiny guns & calibers.  .22 cal & up!  

MY contention is that someone MAY die  as a result from being shot by one of these lesser calibers but it would be from an infection at the hospital several weeks after the bad guy has had his way with you or a loved one!  Having said that, this class is totally dedicated to letting you see what your weapon will do.  In other words, you will shoot 150 mouse rounds of ammo find out how reliable your firearm while being put through reasonable paces.  In the end, a hit with a BB gun is better than a miss with a cannon.  MAW Law #12.


4 hours - Call for pricing options


MOUSE GUN 201 - If you meet our GOOD GUY CRITERIA, We will take you thru the Intermediate level handgun class with your mouse gun.   Goes into more depth than MG 101 and helps develop both marksmanship and tactical skills. We will cover how to carry, draw, quickly shoot & hit, tactical scanning, holstering, emergency reloads and stoppages drills. You will need an approved gun belt and holster or purse, mag pouches or speedloader holder & 150 mouse rounds.


4 hours - Call for pricing options


TACTICAL MEDICINE -  classes for the operator level as well as low-light & precision handgun courses. You must have a valid Texas LTC to take any of these more advanced courses. This class will help ANYONE!  LE, Private Operators, Hunters , Moms & Dads!

4 - 8 hours - price varies depending on your needs

WEAPONS MAINTENANCE - We will teach you how to properly field strip & maintain your firearm.  We also go over the right equipment necessary to do the right job!

Course hours & prices vary on how many weapons you want to cover and how many students we are teaching. Contact us for further info.

How To Camouflage - We will teach you how to camo weapons as well as yourself.  Snipers and Hunters both have used this art since the beginning of sniping & hunting.  If you are just getting into either or would like to perfect you skills, give us a call!

TRACKING - We will teach you and your team how to track a dangerous felon or misdemeanor suspect with minimal danger to "The Good Guys"!  At the end of this course each member of your team will know how to track and what each member of the formation's job is.

Call for pricing options & hours

EXPLOSIVE ENTRY - We will teach your team how make a dynamic entry where there are none with minimal risks!

Call for hours & pricing

GOOD GUY CRITERIA - We will not train anyone further than the basic; handgun, rifle or shotgun levels UNLESS they have a valid Texas LTC, are active law enforcement with ID or have current military ID. All of those folks have been CHECKED through local, state and federal background screening!