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   Mark help start the Patrol Rifle Program for the Dallas Police Department and was their Patrol Rifle Coordinator from the very beginning of the program until he retired.  He still teaches Patrol Rifle and Advanced Rifle for the Dallas Police Department as an Active Reserve Officer/Instructor.  These Courses may require you to travel depending on which class you choose.  You must have a valid Concealed Handgun License or current law Enforcement or Military ID to take anything above the basic Shotgun Course.  We will NOT train bad guys!

Basic Rifle / Carbine Course


   Provides basic fundamentals for rifle/carbine weapon systems. This is where you learn to: Pick the best rifle, ammo & equipment, Field Strip & Clean your weapon, how to Zero your rifle at 50 yards or 100 yards and what the Advantages are of each and much more.  This is the foundation for all other rifle classes and a prerequisite for the Intermediate rifle/carbine class.


Length of class:  4 hours

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Intermediate Rifle / Carbine Course


  Provides additional training if you have successfully passed a Basic level rifle/carbine class.  This class will prepare you to: shoot different positions at various distances, how to transition to your handgun when you rifle/carbine fails, how to get your weapon back into a fight when it fails, how to use a weapon mounted flashlight and much more.


Length of class:  4 - 8 hours

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Basic Patrol Rifle Class


    This is a Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle course.  At the successful end of this class, the officer will be certified to carry their AR15 patrol rifle in the daily course of their duties.  We do not teach YOUR SOP!  We teach nomenclature, field stripping & cleaning, basic sight zero, a recommended qualification course, basic skills that we have identified mission critical & combat med.  A basic written test will be given at the end of the class.  TECOL credit will be submitted upon successful completion of this course.


Length of class:  3 - 5 days

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Advanced Rifle / Carbine Course


You must have successfully completed the Tactical Rifle Class or The Patrol Rifle class.  This one is for those with the skills and desire to push themselves even farther or tune up for your next mission. This course can be tailored for specific needs - please contact us for more information.

Length of class is dependent on desired training

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